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Frozen (bake at home pies) or ready to serve pies
       o $22 for fruit or custard
       o $23 for pecan
Buttertarts, cream-filled or lemon tarts $35 per dozen
Mixed baking boxes for 12 servings $38
Mixed baking boxes for 20 servings $56
Easter Cookie Box for 12 $22
Easter Cookie Box for 20 $35
Paska $8
Hot cross buns $24 per dozen
Easter Nest Cakes (1 serving) $6.00

Full-sized White Kerri Buns $12 per dozen
Full sized MG Kerri Buns $18 per dozen
Dinner-sized white buns $9.60 per dozen
Dinner-sized mg buns $12 per dozen

Charcuterie Platters (48 hours lead time) $7.50 per serving
Veggie Platters $7.50 per serving

Artisan Bread Stuffing (ready to bake) $25 (serves 10)

Email or

call 780-349-6349 to place your order

Deadline to order: Monday, April 3rd at 4:30!

General custom order deadline is 48 hours prior

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