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Our story

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Kerri’s Café and Bakery serves fresh, handmade, whole food and hot and cold specialty drinks.  Our baking and pastries are created and baked daily, sandwich meat roasted inhouse, and soup and salads made from scratch.  We offer vegetarian, gluten-friendly, and dairy free options for our customers.

Kerri’s Café and Bakery partner with local food producers to source many of our ingredients and make it a priority to use earth-friendly packaging.

Green Leaves

Kerri-lee Kostiw


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Myrna Van de Ligt


Myrna has been an integral part of Kerri’s since the beginning in 2019. Myrna is a Red Seal Baker and is responsible for most of the amazing breads in our bakery.

Owners Kerri-lee and Darren Kostiw have lived in the Westlock area since 1993.  Before starting this new adventure, Kerri was a dedicated teacher who shared her love of music with hundreds of kids. Kerri’s Café and Bakery also has its roots in the farmers’ market business “Sisters in the Kitchen” operated by their daughters, Katya, Avary and Lauren Kostiw (with help from younger brother, Isaac).

Kerri-Lee & Darren

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